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The PST 250 Club has been set up in order to raise funds for the provision of essential items of kit and equipment for PST, as well as rewarding those who make monthly contributions. 


Half of the money collected on a monthly basis is put into a pot for a quarterly draw, and the other half is set aside for the essential grassroots football equipment and kit.


Members of the 250 Club buy ‘shares’ by setting up a monthly standing order, with each share costing £2 per month and providing the member with a unique number for the quarterly draw. 

You can join by simply completing our registration form and setting up your monthly standing order for £2 per requested share.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the lucky winners in each of our quarterly draws, held every November, February, May and August.


  1. The purpose of the 250 Club is to raise funds for the sole benefit of Penwortham St Teresa’s Junior Football Club (PST).

  2. The 250 Club will be administered by the PST Committee. 

  3. The 250 Club will be open to anybody who is aged 16 or over. A purchaser of a share becomes a participant in the 250 Club. Participants can hold any number of shares.

  4. 50% of all 250 Club proceeds will go to PST whilst the other 50% will be distributed via prize draws to participants. The Committee reserves the right to determine the number of winners for each draw.

  5. The number of shares in each draw shall be unlimited and each share shall be allocated a unique number. Participants may confirm the number of their allocated share(s) by contacting the Committee.

  6. The first 250 Club draw will be held in November 2023. Draws will then be held quarterly, every February, May, August and November.

  7. The subscription for each share is £2 per month payable by standing order. To be eligible for a draw, standing orders must be received before the first day of the month of the draw period e.g. to be received by 31st October for the November draw.

  8. Winners will be paid by electronic bank transfer, which will be sent to the last known contact details held by the club. It is the responsibility of the participant to advise the Committee of any change of contact details. 

  9. A list of prize-winning numbers will be published on the PST website.

  10. The Committee will not pay a prize to any participant other than the purchaser of the winning share.

  11. No participant will be included in the draw if the subscription has not been received. It is the responsibility of each participant to make sure they have paid their subscription. The Committee reserves the right to reallocate any number where payment has not been received.

  12. Participants can cancel their entry in the 250 Club at any time by giving one month’s written notice to the Committee via email. 

  13. By entering the draw, Participants agree to be bound by the Rules of the 250 Club.

  14. The 250 Club is intended to be a Small Society Lottery under the provisions of the Gambling Act 2005.

  15. The Committee may amend or vary the rules of the draw at any time. The rules of the draw will be available via the Club website. Changes will be notified to participants via the club website.


Version 1 (Aug-23)

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